Thursday, August 14, 2008

Howler Campaign

This is a Howler Campaign against the WB.

If you have not heard, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been moved from it's November release date to JULY 2009!

Bottom line reason - they think they'll make more money that way. They say another reason for doing so is the writer's strike... THEY'VE ALREADY FINISHED FILMING! THEY'RE GOING TO START FILMING PART 7 IN FEBRUARY!!! So that's just a BS reason.

There are plenty of on-line petitions against this popping up. Reality, on-line petitions don't really work.

However, millions and millions of Harry Potter fans sending two or three or ten red enveloped letters to the WB Headquarters, just might actully catch there attention.

Here's their address.

Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-954-6000
Warner Bros. Studios 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-562-3062

Write HOWLER at the top of the page.

Keep it simple and to the point. No physical threats.

Maybe something like WB=Greed. Fans=Pissed. D.A. hates WB! or something else. I'm too mad to think of anything good right now.

Letter writing worked for Star Trek, it worked for Jerricho. It can work for this. Maybe even send a letter to your local media too. The last thing the WB wants is an angry stink over this showing up all over the news.

Don't just think about it, do it!!!



Maven said...

Me again. How's this for a message.

Movie companies put all their eggs in their opening weekend. As painful as it might be, how about we wait one week more.

In the Howlers to WB write - "You make us wait 8 months, we'll make you wait 8 months and 1 week. Your opening weekend will be a failure. Harry Potter fans are very loyal and very dedicated and VERY angry at you. Delay our movie for your profit margin, and we'll kill your opening weekend. - DA.

Jalen said...

This is a really good idea. :)

Game1ngAssass1n said...

Absolutely unaccetable. You give us trailers and everything and suddenly push the date TO ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR??????? That's bull. Do you honstly think you'll make more money this way? Didn't you make enough money out of Dark Knight? Harry Potter fans everywhere are VERY VERY angry at you guys. And you're worried about money? I lost all respect for you guys. And everyone knows the delay isnt because of the writer's stike. It's because you greedy bastards want more money after the billions you already have. Harry Potter fans will see the movie no matter what time of year it is. I hope you guys are happy. Assholes.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea!

You guys can uuse this if you want:

David S. said...

Hey, would it be okay if I sent this text out to all members of my facebook group? A link to the group is here:
Please reply asap.


Anonymous said...

If you were asking me, then of course you can use it!

If you were taking to the original blogger, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you passed around the link to the blog.

Potter fans Unite!

Anonymous said...

It's excelent :) I am going to write that in 10 red Howlers and send that to them. Gosh they will regret this I swear they will.

BTW I wrote this on PC with Harry Potter font and I am going to send this 10 times or more :)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where you can buy red envelopes?

Anonymous said...

Well try in the bookstores. At least that is where you can buy them in my town :)

Maven said...

A New Unbreakable Vow:

No opening weekend.
No repeat viewings.
No other WB movies:. (Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Towelhead, Nights in Rodanthe, RocknRolla, Body of Lies, Pride and Glory, Slumdog Millionaire, Eddie Dickens and the Awful End, Yes Man, Gran Torino, Spring Breakdown, Ninja Assassin, This Side of the Truth, The Informant, Observe and Report, Whiteout, Terminator Salvation: the Future Begins, The Box, Untitled Superman Returns Sequel)

Let WB know this. Online Petitions won't work. Send actual letters to their office. Red if possible. Call them Howlers:

Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-954-6000
Warner Bros. Studios 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-562-3062

And if you really want to stick it to them, tell them that you will be contacting the sponsors (ie, all those commercial ads) for the CW (owned in part by WB) and boycotting their products as well.

Lesson: Don’t. Piss off. The Potter fans.

Maven said...

Oh, and NO IMAX either.

Anonymous said...

crystalbtrfly07- that message is too nice! lol. It needs to be angry!!!

it is pretty though :)

sarah said...

This is a great idea! I have to write mine again.. my first letter was too harsh (i added at the end "Crucio, Avera Kadavera WB!"). I shall send tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

I know my letter was nice... I couldn't decide whether being polite or angry was a better approach. I figured they would be getting a lot of hate mail, so I went the nicer route.

Plus, I actually think that the volume of letters matters more than the content.

Anonymous said...

Well, I do like that you made a letter that more people can use, crystal, but I'm not sure I see the point in a cordial howler. I don't think they have to be nasty, per se, but the thing about howlers is that you don't want to get them. They aren't perfectly pleasant. I just can't imagine a letter exploding and hearing the booming voice of 'please's and 'thank you's.

Anonymous said...

maven, I love your ideas and plan on using every single one of them!

Anonymous said...

I am loving this idea! I fully agree that online petitions are not the way to go. They are unreliable. People just sign them over and over again. I also just saw a Harry Potter petition where someone had written, "White power! White power!" all over it. That is definitely something I don't want to be apart of.

As for the content of the Howlers that people are planning on sending out, I suggest a firm, yet cordial letter. Anything too nasty just makes us look childish and could be used against us if it got out that people were sending death threats. We need sympathy on our side at the moment, not the WB.

Anonymous said...

I just mailed 19 red envelopes to Warners Bros Studios. with "HOWLER" written across the top. :O)

Anonymous said...

I think that Teresa has a good point. If the media gets a hold of a bunch of howlers that are completely obnoxious, it is the Potter fans that will end up looking bad. And WB will say, "We just wanted to make the movie better and make it a shorter time between HBP and DH#1, and they went all crazy on us!". I know that's not the reasons they gave for moving it, but can't you see them changing their story?

Anonymous said...

Guys I couldn't find a red envelope so I am going to make it on myown-I hope I succeed. I am going to send them 20 Howlers. I said that they will regret this and I mean it!

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant. I probably won't be able to send them actual Howlers (though I might attempt, and it probably won't work, because I live halfway across the world from the U.S.A.) so I'll try flooding their emails! It probably won't do any good but it makes be feel better to be doing SOMETHING! Bring on the HOWLERS!!! >:D

Kolby Manning said...

You all will fail it.

Also, Filming =/= the entire movie.

Filming of the HP movies probably accounts for 2 or 3 percent of the final product, considering everything in the production department will probably take a ridiculously long amount of time to complete for a movie like this.

Also, marketing =/= "waiting to release it because we'll make more money"
It's called marketing.
They realize that people stopped caring about HP long ago after they DIDN'T UPHOLD THEIR PROMISE TO RELEASE EVERY HARRY POTTER MOVIE ONE YEAR AFTER THE OTHER EVERY THANKSGIVING SEASON, or did you just conveniently forget that they made that promise in the beginning? Because they broke it long ago.

"OH MY GOD! NO WAY! THE MOVIE INDUSTRY WANTS TO MAKE MONEY!?!?!?! THAT'S ABSURD! They would NEVER mistreat their customers just to maintain profits!"

This is all Old Effing News.
Money is what makes the Movie Industry do what they do, or else the characters in these movies wouldn't be making millions of dollars per production.

And if you want to talk about how "letters worked" for all these other shows/movies that were initially delayed/canceled, then you should at least mention the fact that for every time a measure like this has actually worked, there are 100 more times that it didn't.

And it's just Harry Potter.
We all know that as soon as the movie comes out, you'll just talk about how the book was better than the movie anyways...
So go read the book.
At least it has a bit more educational value.

Kerry said...

kolby - what's the point in commenting on a post like this, let alone even reading it, if you don't believe in the cause? Why spend your energy telling us we'll fail? Let the HP fans do what they feel like doing even if you think it won't do a lick of good or you think the books have more educational value, anyway. Get off it!

Kerry said...

Hey guys - I just wanted to let you know that you can find an origami pattern for a howler on The Leaky Cauldron. Not sure if it would be a good idea, but it might occupy some of the extra time we have from now until JULY... :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone saying we must keep it cordial (and brief), if full of freezing contempt. I don't know if I'll send a howler yet (I'm in Europe), but i did send emails and I left feedback on the WB website.

In case anyone is interested, here's what I wrote them:

"I am truly offended by by the way Warner Bros has so blatantly shown it’s disregard for it’s viewers. Us viewers are your customers, and even though customers aren’t always right, in business customer satisfaction is supposed to be the key to continued success.

You have handled this situation so badly that it’s laughable, highlighting the (supposed) fact that the movie is done and amazing and would have been ready for the intended November release (among other stupidities said, like my personal favourite of you loving your fans and doing what is best for this movie).

I will boycott every Warner Bros film and product, and I will spread the word to everyone who cares and even to those who don’t.

I will see Half Blood Prince some day, some way, but even though I don’t live in USA , I will at least boycott the local opening week, as instructed in the net. I will also spread the word about boycotting the opening week – every willing and able Harry Potter fan should rightfully show the disgust we feel by messing up those numbers.

Respectfully, so and so..."

Anonymous said...

I am all in this. I'm counting how many people I got and so far 25 people are in. My friend went to buy Red Envelopes and we got my street all in it too. I'm iming people and spreading this through various forums and online games. We will get HBP back in 2008.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

I will definitly be doing this. I've been promoting the online petitions, but a more direct approach is definitly worth doing. I actually just contaxcted my local news atation [they do national news as well] and gave them a story tip about all this.

As soon as I find some red envelopes, they will be getting some from me!

Everyone needs to spread this idea around, it's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hello boys and girls, I am from Brazil! Here all HP's fans hated the new date, he has a communitte ( and o site (, so help us in this campaign! In the site has a petition!

bouncytigger220 said...

i live in the uk, so letters aren't really for me, but i've got people sending them who i contact in the usa aswell as uk people flooding their emails.

kepp it short and direct. get to the point, but dont be over the top.

this is just very annoying though, how can they do it? i got so ticked, i swear i nearly cried, well it hit the computer when i read it. it was going to come out on my birthday, now its 8 months on, no. thats justt unexceptable.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, it's practically too late.

Twilight has already taken the November 21st spot.

I can't see them forcing Twilight to change it's spot again, just for the fans. They've proven it's not about the fans.
Actually, we knew that already, but this is just the icing on the cake.

As angry as I was, there's no point in sending any more letters.
The damage is done.
Yes, they will see that their fans are angry and rabid, (don't worry, I am too) but that's basically it.

Biblio Reader said...

I hope you don't mind, but I made this into a Facebook group.

I'd be happy to delete it if you do mind, I just wanted to spread the idea around. :)

loreleimarsh said...

Don't forget their customer service e-mail!!

Anonymous said...

So my friend came up with an idea: you know the Hallmark cards that you can record your own message on? Well, get a hold of one of those and make a real Howler, you'd just have to spray paint it red. Your message would probably have to be pretty short, but I think it would definitely get the message across.

Jaime said...

WB this a bunch of BS because you well know that the movie will do great no matter what time of year its released.WE WANT HBP BACK NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

DB said...

im writing to the LA times, would it be possible to mention this idea in my letter to try and get some publicity and get more people on board?

kimmysharinglight said...

You know..why am I only howling at Warner Brothers? I already pre-ordered the video game and Tales of Beetle the Bard. Perhaps I will buy those and other HP merchandise in July 2009.

Reeds30 said...

The rage over this money driven decision has over flowed from the HP fan world into the Alan Rickman Fan world. The disrespect they are showing the fans who have financed these movies is staggering. I mean how many more houses are cars do you have to have before the profits can take a back seat. HBP is ALWAYS going to break records and produce an obscene amount of money – when EVER it was shown. I for one will boycott Warner Bros until the film is released. I was going to see Dark Knight this weekend – no way now. These big movie companies need to show the punters some real respect. It is WE who fund these films and to so casually ignore us is appalling, let alone doing this to a child’s story/book and what about the Royal Performance charity? They say this is a careful and measured decision but seems their sister companies had no idea with a number of magazine promoting the movie for November.

Warner Bros you LACK of consideration, your cynical, one-track mind on profits has damaged your reputation and is frankly beyond repair.

I urge all HP fans to vent their anger at WB. (yes her name is actually Snape)

Or sign a petition that has nearly 20, 000 in under 2 days - people are not happy.

Anonymous said...

[wow this is a lot.. I'M SORRY!!]

hotdamn. i hate this i really do. when i saw the HBP trailer.. i literally freaked out. no lie.. my mom thought i was being attacked or something. i have not been this excited for something in a while!!! and now this happens... wtf?? nooo noooo no noooo! its definitely not acceptable as everyone is saying but i think i'm gonna have to agree with oxfrozensunxo Twilight has already filled up with spot.. i dont think that other movies are gonna wanna move again just for HP altho.. they'll be fucking damned if they dont cuz i dont see anything better than Harry Potter. the Twilight movie [and i'm sorry for twilight fans.. cuz HEY I AM A FAN TOO owning all of the books including the Special Editions] doesnt look very good. i'm sorry to say i lost all interest the movie already.

oh ps. i pre-ordered The Tales of Beedle the Bard too!!! aaah!

Anonymous said...

May I just say what a fantastic idea this is. Bravo to you! I honestly cant wait to tell all of my Harry Potter friends about this.

sarah said...

This may seem like a stupid question, but I don't live in the Us..
Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-954-6000
Warner Bros. Studios 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-562-3062

^ Are these two different addresses?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. This is such a good idea. Someone had mentioned that there is an origami howler you can make? I'd love a link. Or I'll try to make my own.

BUT KEEP IN MIND PEOPLE... the chances of them actually opening one of your letters are slim to none. They'll shovel them into the garbage. Don't stress too much about what it says.

It's quantity that is going to make a statement. So kudos to the people sending 20 letters. :]

Anonymous said...

I am sending my letter out tommorrow!

I saw we picket outside of Warner Bros!! Or even the movie theatres! I bet the movie theatres won't be so happy when they lose business, they'll complain to WB - TA DA! I don't know - we need to get something big. Some media attention or something.

I hope the Queen throws a fit and kicks WB's ass.

Chloe Schmidt said...

I did what I could. I am the author of
I am also a HUGE Harry Potter freak. I posted a blog today voicing my opinion and I mentioned this blog, encouraging people to go along with this. I also encouraged online petitions and boycotting all Warner Bros. productions.

Oh, and everyone, I know it's really hard to be kind and professionable about this. But try to leave the bad language at the door. If everyone is rude with these howlers, then it could backfire, and we could never get what we hoped for.

Anonymous said...

Genius idea on buying the Hallmark cards where you can record your own message.

I don't care if I spend 30 dollars on postage...thos criminals will hear from me.

I will boycott everything about them - no merchandise, no movie tickets, no tv channel - no nothing. Ugh!

I can't stand WB! They make me sick.

I couldn't find red envelopes so I just drew the word "Howler" pretty much everywhere in red sharpie. Half of my letter is written in marker - in large letters. I figured that was a good way to get the point across.

I will totally be boycotting them. I can't stand WB...ewww

Bunty said...

Nice Idea... but I live in India, so I can't send post since it will cost me around $50.
But those who live in US can do it very easily.
Keep it going!

Jenna Dickes said...

I have to say first that this is such a great idea. I've been emailing and planning to boycott everything and anything WB but I think if enough of us do this, it could really make a statement to them. Who knows if they'll actually change the date (I could see them just announcing a July 10th, 2009 release in an attempt to placate the fans) but hopefully this can get them negative coverage beyond us, in the some sort of media venue.

For those of you looking for red envelopes, you can always just go to Walgreens or grocery stores which are everywhere and find the cheap birthday/greeting cards. Most have various colored envelopes and some are bound to be red(ish).
Even better, if you want to mail out more than one go to your local party store (iparty, LTM etc), craft store (Michael's, Frank's). They sell all sorts of colors. Most office supply stores like Staples and Office Max carry colored envelopes to.
Or if you're REALLY feeling adventurous you can find good deals online for envelopes in bulk. Sites like have really nice prices if you buy 50+ envelopes. Plus, you can get really big, shiny envelopes from them too.

I'm the DIY type so I'll be making a few of my own HUGE howlers, plus some from a craft store. I think I'm going to go all out on the big ones, do drawings and make them look like real howlers (I'm an artist, this sort of thing puts me into a creative frenzy!) and then I'll submit pictures of them with a letter to new stations in hopes to get some attention.

David Caspian said...

why would you even bother waiting a week to see the movie in theaters? I'm probably just gonna download it and not see it in the movies. If a lot of people did that it would kill the total profit of the movie.

Luna said...

"YOU PUMP US UP AND BRING US DOWN! We waited months for that trailer, it should have been out back in May! You show us picts,And the long anticipated Trailer and NOW YOU SHATTER US!! WE WILL NOT GO DOWN NOT BEING HEARD!!!"


Anonymous said...

I'm definitely boycotting the opening weekend. Which completely sucks for WB since I had already made plans to see it at midnight, and at least 2 more times that weekend.

My friends and I decided that we'll see it the next weekend, but we'll just sneak into the theater. That way we all get to see it without giving any form of profit to WB. We're even thinking of seeing as many showings of HBP as we can in one day just by sneaking into the theaters. Then they'll lose even more potential revenue.

I've sent one Howler a day so far, and I plan to keep sending one a day. Hopefully we'll get some kind of reaction from Warner Bros.

Anonymous said...

well, i like this idea too!!!

we all should send this "simple" howler-letter. we should fight!!! but when we loose the fight... yeah, we will have our revenge!!! we'll kill the opening event! every fan should know this!! in the worst case we have 8 month to organize this, right? even if there are just 100.000 who do so, wb will notice!!! and media should also do!!! they're our friends... ;)

DumblondKatie said...

I'm in.

I think we should also do some YouTube stuff, see if people will knowtice there. I can do some blogs, but we need more people than me on their sites. ( For mine look up JatKatQuiz )

I'll make one now explaining the rules.

This is going to work!

Paul said...

Here is an idea that I had along the lines of a howler that would be brilliant but tricky to pull off.

Place a tape player or something of the sort inside a box and rig it to blast a "Howler" message to whoever at WB who opens the box.

Just a thought

luna_sol said...

I think it's a really good idea, they cant't do this to the fans of Harry Potter!
Everyone's been looking forward to the Halfbloodprince, and seen as it's already finished filming it's really bullshit that the release date is half a yaer later.

princessemmafan said...

"I would just like to say that I am disgusted at your decision to move the date of release for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, to July 19th. I think this shows that you don't care about the millions of loyal fans, that have already been waiting long enough for the film to be released.

The only reason you have changed the release date is for money. You think that by making it the big summer blockbuster, you will get even more money. Think again. Harry Potter has millions of loyal fans that go to see it in cinema, whether it is released in November or July. Whats more, many people have said they are going to boycott Harry Potter, as they have already been made to wait almost 2 years, so they might as well wait a few more months. What are you going to do then? Your whole plan to rake in more money would have backfired. And you know what, you won't get any sympathy from Harry Potter fans.

You say you love the fans, prove it. Prove it by moving the date foward. I know that Twilight is now coming out the day Harry Potter should, but how about Harry Potter coming out when Twilight should? Sure, we might have to wait a bit longer, but I would rather wait a month than 8 months. Or even better, just make everything the way it should be, push Twilight back to December, and push Harry Potter foward to November.

So do the right thing, show the fans you really do love them, show them you care.

A loyal (an extremley angry and disgusted) Harry Potter fan."

I sent them that through feedback, what do you think?

princessemmafan said...

Btw, in the real email, I aid July 17th, not 19th, I noticed the mistake just before I sent it

Anonymous said...

This is such a good idea. I'm from Belgium, so sadly I won't be sending a letter for it would cost me a fortune, but if someone is sending them 20, maybe you could send 21 letters instead? :)
I did send them an e-mail, so I don't feel completely worthless :p

I'm so annoyed with them, releasing the trailer and the pictures, and then tell us that we have to wait another eight months?
I don't get it. They want to make more money. Idiots. If they want to make more money, they should at least pretend to care about what fans think, because pissing us off isn't a good idea, nor will it make them more money!

Anonymous said...

I think also this is a very good idea! ;)
I hope WB change the date back to november when they seen at so many will boycott WB movies.

gokhan said...

I couldn't find the place where should I write my Howler. It says top of the page, but I couldn't see any text box. Any help?

Jenna Dickes said...

I forgot to mention in my last post, if in 8 months you find that you can't resist going to see HBP,
***Buy a ticket to another movie and sneak in!***
I know others have mentioned this and we should spread it because I know so many fans won't be able to hold out on the new movie.

With any luck, we'll find some movie that has no buzz that opens the same weekend. Like a random romantic comedy or something.
Or better yet, a kid's movie, since the WB is trying to say that they want "families" to be able to see HBP in the summer. That way it'll be a BIG slap in the face when they profits they are expecting go to some unknown movie.

Also, here's the address again.
Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-954-6000
Warner Bros. Studios 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank CA 91522 818-562-3062

Anonymous said...

Here is a note to all of you making your own envelopes: Make sure it is bigger than 3 1/2” X 5" or they can just throw your letters away, according to this site

Make sure it isn't too big either! Here are the USPS rules:

regelus black said...

Check out one of my letters. I've sent 3 so far.

Dear Warner Bros.,
Wake up and smell the butter beer! You can’t change the release date of half blood prince. Harry potter fans are very angry. In case you haven’t noticed this isn’t good for you. Us fans have vowed that unless you change the release date back to November we will issue a nationwide boycott of all warner bros. movies. And boy, we aren’t kidding!
We have decided that if you don’t change the date back and keep it to almost a whole year later, we will wait an extra week. If you had any common sense you’d understand that this means we will wait until the week after it comes out in july of 2009, so you won’t make any money opening weekend. Yes, we know how important opening weekend is to companies like you. And remember, us fans are the one that come opening weekend. We aren’t afraid to make that weekend a failure for you.
Lesson learned: don’t. piss off. The Potter fans.

regelus black said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
regelus black said...

Here's another one of my letters.

New Unbreakable Vow:

No opening weekend.
No repeat viewings.
No other WB movies:. (Star Wars: the Clone Wars, Towelhead, Nights in Rodanthe, RocknRolla, Body of Lies, Pride and Glory, Slumdog Millionaire, Eddie Dickens and the Awful End, Yes Man, Gran Torino, Spring Breakdown, Ninja Assassin, This Side of the Truth, The Informant, Observe and Report, Whiteout, Terminator Salvation: the Future Begins, The Box, Untitled Superman Returns Sequel)

Dear Warner Bros.,

Don’t think this is a joke. Us Harry Potter fans will stand together, so don’t just think I’m the only one that will do what is listed above. I hate how you’re trying to tell people that you are changing the release date of “Half Blood Prince”, just because you suffered from the writers’ strike. “The Dark Knight” did perfectly fine. You greedy bastards just want to make more money, even though you already have billions of dollars! We have lost our respect for you. It isn’t too late to change the release back to November, saying as you changed it to July 2009 pretty quickly, as if you didn’t even think about it!
Harry Potter fans have united. This is a warning. You will lose money. Listen to us or go out of business.

I took a little of each person's idea and made one big letter.

regelus black said...

I had also already made plans to go see it in the imax in chicago with my aunt. She lives in Minnesota and I hardly get to see her. I hate those stupid bastards.

regelus black said...

does anyone live by chicago and could help me get wgn to do, show, or say something on the news? they always have stuff like this on their show.

Anonymous said...

I live in Macedonia, europe and I know that the letters are going to cost me a fortune(they are 15 Howlers) so I don't know how many I will send but i will definitely send them a few. And I am going to block their mail from hundreds of my emails. I was thinking about sending them a virus but that is illegal and I don't know what to do. I will boycott the opening weekend in Macedonia but I don't think that they will actually care about that so pls guys that you are in USA pls boycott them for me.

Mella said...

I've never sent a letter to the US and I'm not familiar with the whole adress thing . Which is what (street , city , that stuff) ? Or do I just write everything on the envelope?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the addresses, this is what I am sending them.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to express my extreme discontent with the decision your studio made to withhold the newest Harry Potter film from release until July solely to make more money for your studio. While I do understand that studios exist solely for the purpose of making money, I wonder if you understand the amount of fury and frustration your announcement has engendered in the expansive Harry Potter fan base. You may, as the saying goes, be cutting off your nose to spite your face with this action. While the Harry Potter franchise has made the studio a lot of money over the years, angering the fan base isn’t the smartest way to ensure their continued support of your efforts, especially when they know that the film is completed but is being withheld by the studio as a money grubbing maneuver.

I’m sure that the many fan letters you are undoubtedly receiving will make no difference in the release of the movie; however, I do hope that they will move you to do a better job on the dvd extras than you did for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Those were beyond pitiful and didn’t justify the cost for the extra edition.

Morgan said...


That's what I wrote.

I hope this works!

bella_prince said...

i am SO doing this!

felixfelicis888 said...

As webmaster of, I fully support this. We'll advertise this in our podcast as well!

lily_luna_potter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lily_luna_potter said...

I am totally sending them tons of letters. Thanks to those who posted their letters; now I have an idea of what to write. I like the idea of the talking Hallmark card :) Does anyone in South Florida, USofA know where they are sold? Thanks to the person who posted about the possible red-envelope locations! Since I live in the US, WB is getting tons of letters AND emails from me!

Oh and also, even if WB won't read our Howlers, they cant help receiving them. So everyone who can, SEND, SEND, SEND!!!!

also I'm going to boycott all WB movies! and on there are some pretty cool shirts that read WIZARDS STAND TOGETHER. BOYCOTT JULY 17TH. :D

*I deleted previous comment because it had a lot of errors. It was the same as this post

Anonymous said...

Guys you have no idea how sorry am I that i don't live in USA to boycott them. Gosh I am so pissed off by that fact. I am feeling sooo useless. I will send as manu howlers as I can but they will cost me a fortune. And also I am sending them as many emails as I can-I already send 10 in one day and I am planning more. But that is all I can do. So pls guys do whatever you can to boycott them.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, guys! I started a blog to promote anti-WB t-shirts. Even non-US fans could wear them to the movies (non-WB ones of course!). Maybe wearing shirts to the theaters will get some attention from the press.

Here's the blog:

Anonymous said...

USE THIS(I combined some things some different people said):

Dear Warner Brothers,

Many Harry Potter fans like myself are very upset and very angry that you moved the date of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" from this November to next July. And you did this three months before it was scheduled to release!!! Not to mention you just released the teaser trailer that got many fans excited, who are now outraged.
So, in return, Harry Potter fans like myself will give you a chance to move it back. That's right, move Half-Blood Prince back to November or pay. WE ARE SERIOUS!!!! If we do not see this movie on the twenty-first of November THIS YEAR, then we will boycott your opening weekend in July. And yes, we know how important the opening weekend is to big companies like yourself. That means no broken records like you saw with "The Dark Knight." And what about Harry Potter fans who just can't resist to see it opening weekend in July? Well, it would be very simple to buy a ticket for another movie opening the same day and sneaking into Harry Potter. Again, I remind you we are serious. CHANGE IT BACK TO NOVEMBER OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not using a red envelope.
I figure they just shovel all the red one in the trash--they know what's inside.
If its a plain white letter, they will be more likely to open it--it will appear to be a normal letter.


This is my letter:
(notice I don't say "dear" lol)

Warner Brothers:
Imagine reading a book series and loving it. Imagine that series ending, and now the movies are all you have left. Imagine waiting and waiting for that movie to come out and learning that the release is delayed. That is how millions of Harry Potter fans are feeling.
It was already apparent that your number one priority was not the fans, but how much money you make. Is having a “summer blockbuster” really worth disappointing your fans? I, and others, have been looking forward to this for almost a year. We checked the internet eagerly, hoping for another clip, another picture, anything. We were so excited for your movie. Isn’t that enough? Haven’t the Harry Potter movies made enough money? Why did you have to go for more? Why did you have to go for more at the cost of you fans?

cornfed said...

I fully agree with the waiting one week AFTER the Opening Weekend. I personally do not see WB changing it back just because they have upset the fans. Lets be hones with ourselves. We are still going to go see The Half-Blood Prince, so they will still get our money. WB is like another Corporation out there. Their goal is to make as much money as they can , regardless who they have to step on. The bet way to punish WB for slapping us in the face, is to boycott the movie totally. But being a diehard fan of Harry Potter, I know that I will not be able to wait until the DVD release. So the other way it to WAIT ONE WEEK and see it after the Opening Weekend. By doing this WB will have to report a poor Opening Weekend Report and that will be our (Harry Potter Fans) slap back.

Felipe said...

Guys, please consider these two things: Sending all red envelopes will be far too easy for WB to just skip over the letters and throw them away. It will be better to send normal looking envelopes with a letter that is to the point and free of fowl language. Also, I don't care if you do this or not, but DO NOT mention it to WB if you're sneaking in to the movies because this is ILLEGAL. I recommend you do not do this because you could probably get a fine or be arrested. I think the MOST effective way to stick it to them is to boycott everything WB and from its partners and then SKIP opening weekend to go for the kill. I will also be sending unmarked and plain letters, but I think that these two things (boycott WB and opening weekend) will be the most effective and LEGAL. Good luck everyone! Potter Fans UNITE!!!!

kanal said...

Great idea, but you guys REALLY need to advertise this better. Get it out to all Harry Potter fansites, schools, friends, family, etc., etc. Granted this has a slim chance of working, but the more people that make noise, the better.

Sam said...

hey i have to say this is a great idea!!!! but i want to send emails but i cant find were can someone help please =)

Free Harry Potter!!

Letter from Egypt said...

I'm angry about it and I don't know if writing to WB will get them to change it back to November 08 but I'll give it a try. Who knows they may get fed up with all flack their receiving and give in but I highly doubt it.
Willing to send off a letter anyway.

Shelley said...

Here's an idea (pardon me if it's been suggested already)... Why not send Howlers to the newsmedia. Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, national newspapers and maybe even entertainment companies like TMZ, Entertainment Weekly, People, ET, Extra, etc. Even if WB trashes the howlers, I seriously doubt the media will. Especially if there are A LOT of them.

Jbrown said...

Also go visit the email intiative launched today at the website: Accio Dumbledore's Army

Harriet said...

I included your website in mine..

"If Harry Potter can make millions of dollars, it can make a million of petitions"

Anonymous said...

i love all of these ideas and im going to use as much ideas as i can to help make this work
what im going to do is send as much howlers by mail in red invalops im also going to bug wb with emails just to anoy them i know they delete them but what ever i can do will help im also going to not see rent or buy any Warner Brothers movies im not buying any products or clothing from them and yes if this dosent work and we dont get are release date back i will buy a tickete not from Warner Brothers on a weekday and go sneek in the harry potter movie
thank you very much for reading my comment i hope this gave any ideas for you


Anonymous said...

i sent a letter hope they reconsiderr

Anonymous said...

warner brothers is a company that is full of greedy jackasses.
i sent them a letter to that effect today.
it is ridiculous how badly they have handled this situation.
total and complete lack of regard to us, their fans, their customers.
it is ridiculous how greedy they're being.
if harry potter can make millions of dollars it can make millions of petitions.
i think i'm going to boycott WB
i wanted to see DK again but i dont think im going to because of this.
they think theyll make money because of this?
theyre going to lose money.
literally millions of fans are pisseddd about this and are going to boycott them.
big fucking mistake WB!!!

Anonymous said...

This is just my opinion guys, but here it is -

We MUST send RED letters.

Think about it. They are DROWNING in mail. They might put the innocent looking ones in a different pile, but they will have no time to read them for ages. The red ones are OBVIOUSLY from us, so they know by the quantity and from the variety of places sent that we mean business. It's not about getting them to read the individual letters, as they won't. They don't even have the time.

But we need them to NOTICE us. We need to get them enough worried and annoyed to make a change.

(Just my opinion) :))

Anonymous said...

Guys I am now goint to go to the post office and send some Howlers, i really hope that they would not cost me much money because I am going to send 15 and they will cost me a fortune. BTW the adress is for every country or only for USA?

theforgottenbanana said...

I, along with my friends, shall send numerous red letters to WB all the way from the Philippines!

BTW, really brilliant idea. Let's just hope it works. I mean, I'd be content with at least April 2009 or earlier. July's just too far away!

Anonymous said...

Everyone -

Threatening to boycott HBP will not work. We must boycott all WB products up until the HBP release, or until WB changes the release date back to November.

Reed said...

Any letter coming from outside the U.S., the address should look like this on the envelope:

Warner Bros. Studios
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Reed said...
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Caitlin said...

I'm loving this idea, and I'm totally going to send them a few Howlers. I think it's ridiculous that they're doing this. I understand that many companies today - especially in the movie/Hollywood industry - are only in it to make money, but come on...this is a bit much. I think it's unacceptable that they're pushing this movie back eight months just to make a bigger profit, a fact in itself I find a bit silly considering that it's a Harry Potter movie - regardless of when they release this movie, they're going to make a gazllion dollars on it anyway.

All that WB is going to succeed in doing is pissing off a whole slew of HP fans, and that's not good. Considering we're the ones that dress up and pre-order tickets and sell out theaters opening night, and that we're the ones that are most likely to see it at least a few more times in theaters after that (especially if there's IMAX showings), then all they're going to end up doing is losing money, because most of us are going to be boycotting the films.

Really, I think it's in their best interests to change the date back to the original release date. There are still going to be some really peeved fans (myself included), but if money is really what their aim is, I think they'll be making far more of it by going back to November instead of sticking with July.

Meg said...


i'm full on supportive of writing the companies a Holwer! it's a genius idea! the link above is just something i typed out in case people aren't sure what specifically they'd want to say. I'm not saying it's the best email ever, but i think it gets the point across :)

Anonymous said...

WB makes Umbridge looks so nice now...

sheena_sapphire said...

So, no HP fans are going to the movie first week right? I dunno how well this will work in India, but Im gonna try to convince my friends not to watch it. *abuses you-know-who*
Im in India, wont be able to send red envelopes, but Ill tell an uncle who lives in U.K. to send some for me. Im gonna flood WB with hate mail. I know it wont do any good, but it feels like you're doing something. =/

Michelle said...

The address you're sending it to is just a general WB address. It won't get to the people you want it to; it'll just get recycled. At least it won't get trashed, since WB is very green that way. However, I would hate to see all your hard work and money wasted simply b/c you're sending it to a dummy address.

Anonymous said...

Well I have sent two Howlers a couple of hours ago and they have cost me a lot. But I have 13 more to send and I am going to send them on the first adress just + U.S.A. And Michelle I don't care if it isn't useful, I feel more useful on this way because I can't do anything more from Macedonia except to send the Howlers and e-mails.

Anonymous said...

all i know is this is a completely disgusting shameless display of greed and disregard to US, THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM MONEY.
if they think theyre gonna make more money by pissing us off they are seriously screwed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had to go buy a darn card just to get the red envelope lol but I have it now.

Anonymous said...

Warner Bros. Entertainment
Susan N. Fleishman , 818-954-1919

Posted by HappyCthulhu 4 days agoThere's a petition.... http://www. s/harrypotter6 Also, here is the contact info for some folks at Domestic Contact: Susan Fleishman, 818-954-1919 susan.fleis or International Contacts: Jayne Trotman, 020 7984 5222 jayne.trotman@warne Desiree Finnegan, 818-954-3397 desiree.fin or Head of Harry Potter Production Publicity: Vanessa Davies, 011-44-192-368-5131 vane

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS IDEA! I'm going to create a community on LJ and I'll show this post, let's divulge!!!

carneira said...

This is completely insane. Do they even think about the little children they just CRUSHED? Of course not, they only have dollar signs in their eyes, while little children have tears. (I'm coming up on 20 and I almost cried. It's been a hard year for me and I we looking forward to this). People love this, and WB knows they're going to go see it. Unfortunately, the have us in the palm of their hand and know it. I'm considering not going opening week like "maven" said. Teach them to screw with our movie. Fans make the franchise, they shouldn't forget it.

carneira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 505, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 977-0018

I found that address....

Kelli said...

I'm doing what I can on youtube, gonna rally up some nerdfighters too!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I have the Howler to WB written and ready, now I am ganna go through and get the addresses for the tv stations and news stations in this area and in south east ga and norther fla (were moving back to ga in a few weeks) I am going to send all of them letters about the WB, and find addresses to WB sponsors.

Miyu Mayfire said...

We must threaten the WB not to go to the cinema if not maintain the original release date! The DVD will leave anyway after two or three months ... and then wait months more months less, then what changes?

Anonymous said...

The thing that will be changed is that they will learn notto mess with Harry Potter fans any more. But yet we will have to wait 11 months(from now) to watch that movie.

L said...

It's not only money, it's also because they don't want to compete against the Dark Knight.

Sam said...

can the howler be typed =)

Anonymous said...

send emails to any media you can think of.

Anonymous said...

Sam, my howlers are typed. Heck, even the addresses on the envelopes are typed. I did sign my name on them, though, so there is some personal touch.

I said that I would be boycotting all WB movies and products from now until HBP comes out.

Anonymous said...

how's this.

I now get why they call it a 'teaser' trailer!!! Just so you idiots can torture us and NOT release the movie on the date you promised us!! This is a muggle world cruciatus curse and you all deserve a life long sentence in Guantanamo!!!!!!!!

Harriet said...

People THE HOWLER CAMPAING ITS A REALLY GREAT IDEA (tomorrow im sending my letters :)), but you might also consider sign in the petition because it might work also..

Leaf said...

Here's an idea: At craft stores, they sell these wafer-thin chips that record up to ten seconds of sound for scrapbooks (or at least they do at the one I work at). We should all buy those and encase them in the red envelopes. Then they would really howl...

Novus Disputato

Anonymous said...

So, like I said, here is the post I did on community about that excelent idea>

And like 'crystalbtrfly07', I did one model of letter, here:
and if you want write for yourselves:

And Join in too :D

Anonymous said...

Okay guys yesterday I found a few more Harry Potter fans in my town and I told them the news, and guess what, they were angry too :) so I told them about this and they agree to do whatever they can :) I am starting to feel a little bit usefull :P

HP Fan said...

EMAIL HOWLERS (but no physical threats) to Warner Bros!


HP Fan said...

Website link was cut off..


(Just remove the space after " /main ".)

HP Fan said...


It was supposed to be THROUGH, no TO, as it was obviously a website link I posted, not an email address.. It'll take you to a feedback form on WB's website.

Please send a message and ask ALL your friends to do the same!

Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT idea. =]

Here's my letter; It's a combination of a bunch of others that I saw on here (I hope the original authors of them don't mind).

To Whom It May Concern:

Wake up and smell the butterbeer! WB = greedy. Fans = angry.

I am truly offended by the way Warner Bros. has so blatantly shown its disregard for its viewers. Us viewers are your customers, and even though customers aren’t always right, in business customer satisfaction is supposed to be the key to continued success.

You have handled this situation so badly that it’s laughable, highlighting the (supposed) fact that the movie is done and amazing and would have been ready for the intended November release (among other stupidities said, like my personal favorite of you loving your fans and doing what is best for this movie).

We fans will boycott every single Warner Bros. film and product, starting today, and I will spread the word to everyone who cares and even to those who don’t. There will be a worldwide boycott, and your precious opening weekend will be a failure.

Warner Bros, your LACK of consideration, your cynical, one-track mind on profits has damaged your reputation and is frankly beyond repair.

Lesson learned: Don’t. Piss off. The Potter fans.

[sign here]

Sam said...

I Just sent about 10 emails!!!!

ilovemykittycat said...

This is a fantastic idea! I found out about this a couple days ago, but I haven't started acting on it until now. I just wrote a Howler which repeats the phrase "RELEASE HBP THIS YEAR AS PROMISED!!!" three times. I guess I'll put it in the mail tomorrow, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to find a red envelope to put it in (I hope regular envelopes are okay, too?). I'll definitely be sending in more down the road as well; I just don't want to send them all at once.

ilovemykittycat said...

Alan Horn: "We love our fans."
Fans: "Well, we sure as heck don't love you!"

This is an idea for another of my Howlers. I'm not sure if I'll do it, though...hmmm.

Sam said...

Tomorrow i will be sending out 15 howlers!! i just wanted to say this is a great idea!!

Save_The_Hobbit said...

My email:

I hope you realize how many of your loyal fans you've managed to anger by your decision to change the release date of Harry Potter. You can blame as many things as you want [the strike, The Dark Knight's popularity, you "want us to have more time to see it"], but we're not idiots. We know the bottom line here is about making money, which we can respect because that's what you're in the business for. But stop making it seem like you're doing us a favour by moving the release date to over half a year in the future.

This is going too far. You have millions anyway, you KNOW Harry Potter will do well whenever released. If you were thinking about changing the release date, you should have done it before putting out a teaser trailer and giving us the November release date.

FROM HERE ON OUT: I will be boycotting all WB motion pictures. I will not be going to see Harry Potter on its opening weekend, and I am encouraging everyone I know [and everyone I can spread the word to on the internet] to do the same.

You will recieve the same respect that you are showing us--none. If you want your fans back, make them happy. We realize Twilight has already taken the old release date--and if you can't possibly get that back, I'm sure we would all settle for it's original release date in December.

One less person for you to make money off of.

Anonymous said...

Just to play a bit of devils advocate here:

Filming may be finished on the movie, but perhaps the original Post Production Schedule they had just wasn't realistic: ie. 3D stuff and compositing issues.

For those of you who don't know how long compositing footage and 3D takes, not to mention just the 3D concept, modeling, mesh unwrapping, multiple texturing for various angles (all done by hand usually with a tablet), animating, checking, reanimating, checking again, fixing, compositing, tweaking, showing to the committee boards, and then fixing to their specs, and then reshowing them the finished product. . .

This. . .well it takes a LONG time. Not to mention they have to edit down the footage they have, which for any movie can run into well over 500 hours of footage, and figure out what is the best performance, angle, etc for use within the movie. Basically they have to chop down HOURS upon HOURS of footage into MAYBE three hours, and have it approved by the higher ups.

Then you get to editing, which can be a nightmare of creative headbashing that takes a LONG ASS time.

Not to mention the marketing work that goes on during all of this which is a night mare of creative headbashing against 'art by committee' approval.

The people at WB want the movie to be a GOOD one, and if it takes more time . . .well I'm okay with that.

Movie making isn't just write, film, cut, print. It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work from hundreds if not THOUSANDS of people.

Your idea is a good one, but 8 months in the long run of things isn't all that much. So STFU and stop whining.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

Then if that's the case, that's some pretty damn poor planning on their part. "Oh, guess we won't be done with this movie for another 8 months!"

Rosh said...

keep it up
we are with you

laura said...

sorry wyntur-snow but it has NOTHING to do w/ the editing and fixing it up.

the movie has already been seen by several people such as alan horn hes even said hes seen it and its great.

ive sent a lot of emails and 20 howlers and dont plan on going on opening weekend and im part of the rally in burlington vt

i do agree w/ u to "play a bit of devils advocate" they are a business company and their one and only goal is to make money and thats what they are doing by pushing it back. good idea on their part, BAD idea if they care about their fans or their inboxs getting completely full

and KEEP IT UP (its what harry potter would do) FANS SHOULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEYYY

~Dumbledore's Army

The Glomper said...

I'm sending this idea to everyone I know, I'll post it on my blog, I'll put it on Gaia... I'ma smear the internet with this.
Thank you so much for your brilliant idea. I'm so excited.

LadySlytherin said...

this is an amazing idea but we should write to new stations about this. also i'm going to send some howlers.

~Dumbledore's Army

IT Concepts For Dummies said...

PResident Horn released another statements about our hate mails, he have read it. Send more mails, it's working! He not only anger me in his new statement about how he love us and the stupid "silver lining" line again because I'm sending more hate mail! Who will do it too?

BRPR said...

Release Potter 08
The DA from Charlotte NC is sending Howlers this week to The Gits and The Wankers at Warner Bros on behalf of Fred & George. Love this campaign.

KatieLouise said...

I'd just like to say keep it up to all the fans who are able to send letters/howlers. (Y)
I wish i could but i'm having to make do with emails. I just left feedback on the WB website and i am joining the boycott and will NOT go to a WB film. Plus, i will only watch Harry potter after the opening week-end. No way is my money going into the 'big money raiser' of a week-end. Stuff them.
I wouldn't even mind if they brought it to January or February. I can cope with a few months but 11 months?! No way. I hope they listen.

♥xinyi said...

But how about people from other country?
I'm from singapore.

How wish i could sent a letter over?

Anyway beside senting letter over? Hmm, email?

Do you have WB's email?

p/s: WB are cruel to us!

Anonymous said...

i read waht that idiot Alan said and I was laughing for hald an hour for those lies. He has that courage to tell us that they are doing this for us??? No way, I am totally keep fighting. And I am sending them every day at least 5 mails :) Because like I said sending letters is so expensive although I already send two :)

Ahmie said...

suggestion: move the unbreakable vow into the actual post, but put the boycott first. My plan is to encourage as many people as I can to boycott all things WB until HBP is in theaters. If they move the date back to this year, boycott ends sooner. If the date stays in July 2009, then I'll skip opening weekend (if they move it back then we should logically NOT skip opening weekend!). Same thing with the no repeat viewings, only if they don't move the date back.

The boycott of all things WB is the part that has the most potential to hurt them. We're a huge fandom, look at the number of people who rushed to buy the 7th book in the first 24 hours. This is NOT a group to trifle with. They are being idiots. Can we be disciplined enough to demonstrate this to them?

Also, don't boycott Beedle the Bard - that is Amazon and charity, not WB. WB does not profit off that one.

Ahmie said...

save money, send postcards - postage is cheaper and it's easier to draw a Howler on one side, short-to-the-point-no-avoiding-reading-it message on the other side with the address.

USPS requirements for postcard postage (which is less than 1st class):

(postcards are currently 27 cents to mail instead of the 42 cents for standard mail, so a significant savings if you're mailing a lot.)

Tanner said...

Have you noticed that they haven't even bothered to update the dates in the trailer, or on the WB date release website?

This is a huge ball being dropped by WB, they can kiss my butt!

It's all about money, and that is what really pisses me off! What a bunch of greedy bastards.

Anonymous said...

yeah and that is why we must show them how dangerous angry Harry Potter fans can be:)

wowwwwww11 said...

wow this is soo terrible i wait for the movie to come out to go on the the next book not i gotta wait 8 more months........ killn me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you guys here there's gonna be a new trailer for it? (Yay! NOT.) I assume that one is going to have the new "improved" date.

PS- They're gonna release half of the movie in the form of pictures and trailers before July, aren't they? Are they trying to keep the hype up (and will they try to do tha for these 11 months) or trying to appease us??

jjlit94 said...

First, I think this a great idea but I do think you need to get this out there on other HP sites. Secondly, WB may not move the release date back but it is still important to express our voices. Silence is how power is taking away from the masses. I also want to make everyone aware that Alan Horn, president of WB has issued another statement trying to placate the angry fans. Now, they are trying to say we should look at the positives that we won't have to wait so long between HBP and DH. The last part of his statement is absolutely infuriating.."I am sorry to have disappointed you now, but if you hold on a little longer, I believe it will be worth the wait." How? The movie is completed, they had started the advertising blitz and had already released the trailer. I believe this change in tact as to the reasoning for the change in release date is because WB is scared that we will come together as a community and they will lose money. We have the power to disappoint their bottom line the way they have diappointed us.I have sent some red "Howlers" and now I will be sending some white envelopes and postcards. I am also going to remind everyone that WB will only suffer if everyone sticks to what we are saying. I have seen every HP movie on opening day. Many of them at the midnight release and then seen it again later that day with my nephews and nieces, who get all dressed up. I know it will be hard to resist wanting to go but in the end we will still get to see the movie and WB will learn it is not wise to mess with its fan base. Also, as many of you have stated, to really drive the point home we need to boycott WB movies, DVDs, TV and related marketing merchandise. Please make sure to just boycott HP materials that are related to WB not materials that are related to scholastic and the other publishing houses. We want the message to be that we are angry with WB not that we love HP any less. Stay strong and tell everyone you know about this. They don't even have to be HP fans just people who are angered by big business disregarding its consumers.

Anonymous said...

Well a friend of mine was also angry when she saw me how mad I am and when I told her why she was angry to and she said that she will send an Howler although she is not a harry potter fan. So yeah I am not going to buy anything from harry Potter any more till they don't return the movie in 2008 and I will boycott everything from warner Bros that I can.

sphdle1 said...

This is a great idea.

I have another one that will get WB where it really hurts. Check out the Pledge I started:

If enough people pledge to boycott the opening weeken in July, and go the following weekend, they would make less on opening weekend in July than they would have in November, and that won't sit well in the WB boardroom, especially if they know it was from the power of protest by fans everywhere. This way we aren't punished further by a complete boycott, and can still go see the movie, but we make a huge statement going on our terms the week after opening weekend. Also, I pledge to not go back to see it more than once, and wait for it to come out on Blu-ray.

sphdle1 said...

My web link got cut off somehow; here is the link

Anonymous said...

I think in order for any of this to work (boycotting), we need to let WB know we mean business. We need a spokesperson to get our voices heard. Keep sending Howlers! It's our best bet until we can find someone to represent us.

Sam said...

we are getting there!! keep it up keep sending howlers and emails.

Anonymous said...

They are getting the message!
Someone from WB released a statement and acknowledged the letters they have received :D

Anonymous said...

Hey pagannavywife, you mean the old statements or did they just release a new one? If so, do you have a link??

I'm still in Europe so I haven't sent physical howlers (only in email) but I hope you'll send a few for me, as well!

Anonymous said...
Here you can find the latest news and there was a statement from Alan Horn see it and you will see that that is all BS. He is saying that they actually are doing this for us, to keep the distance from HBP to DH smaller. And I am sending emails :)

Aris said...

I think that Maven's idea about the opening weekend is BRILLIANT. I'm going to email all of my contacts about the HOWLER CAMPAIGN, and tell them to include his/her idea. And as she said: Dont. Tick off. The Potter fans.

Anonymous said...

If the folks at WB had been a small time business that was hard for money, this all would be so much more understandable. But they're not.

They already have billions of dollars. What people need to understand is yes, business is about cash, but when they have so much as it is (that they wouldn't have without us to begin with), you should think of the fans too. What they are basically doing is choosing the cash over the fans. The cash that they already have plenty of. And whether it be Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings -- in general, its just WRONG.

WB needs to be taught a lesson. Because seriously, what if we don't do anything? All the more they won't take us seriously the next time around, and they'll once again feel free to do whatever they want with OUR Potter films.

Please, join this facebook group for The International Friends Of Harry Potter: 519089579. We are planning live protests all across the world that is to happen at the same hour on the same day. We are trying to get media coverage, we have a press release sent out and everything. We already have 1000+ members, volunteering from places like the USA and Canada to the UK, Italy, and Egypt. We have shirts. We are planning to DO SOMETHING about this.

Even if we can't change WB's mind, the most we can do is embarrass the HELL out of the WB in the public's eye for their greed. We have already had a mention in the LA Times: and ABC News: And the protest hasn't even happened yet.

When Harry had a disagreement with the Ministry, did he just sit around and take it? Did he calm down because "Mugglecast" said so? No, he formed his own army, Dumbledores Army to stand up to people who were greedy and only cared about themselves. Please, the more people we can get, the more of a chance this just might work.

Its what Harry would do.

Thomas said...

Also guys,
instead of an address in the top right hand part of the letter, put something like.
"Wanna write back? Sure my email is:"

ramona said...

i like this idea i think it can be effective... i posted this link in my myspace as well to spread the word!


ChadM1973 said...

maybe this will work... Dear WB this has got to be the largest case of fraudulent advertisement I have ever seen in the history of movie making. I am currently looking for a lawyer to see if we actually have a class action lawsuit to be actually tried in court. I don't really care about making any money, I would just love to see you spend all the profit you thought you were going to make on lawyer fees.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I WANT to PROTEST. But I can't from here. Why the hell I am not born in USA??? I want to protest!!!

Tanner said...


If you guys are on Myspace, I created a group that is supporting this BLOG! Go and Join the group, and help to promote it so we can get the word out there!

The address is:

Anonymous said...


I found it when I went to Yahoo news article was August 21st, and mugglenet had the article up as well, Alan Horn issued an apology and said "Many of you have written me...)
Many of you have written to me to express your disappointment in our moving “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” to Summer 2009. Please be assured that we share your love for Harry Potter and would certainly never do anything to hurt any of the films. Over the past 10 years, we have nurtured and protected each film, and the integrity of the books upon which they are based, to the best of our ability. The decision to move “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” was not taken lightly, and was never intended to upset our Harry Potter fans. We know you have built this series into what it is, and we thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support. If I may offer a silver lining: there would have been a two-year gap between “Half-Blood Prince” and the much-anticipated first part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” which opens in November 2010. So although we have to wait a little longer for “Half-Blood Prince,” the wait from that film until “Deathly Hallows” will be less than 18 months. I am sorry to have disappointed you now, but if you hold on a little longer, I believe it will be worth the wait.

Save_The_Hobbit said...

Yeah, I love the "If I may offer you a silver lining" part...if you want to make us happy, you know how to frickin' do it, don't you?

Anonymous said...

yeah, this article made me laugh so much. Did he really think that we will believe in that crap that this is only for us??? And his offer is so "great". Is he insane or something?

protestacontraWB said...

can someone send a letter for me? i am from argenitna and sending a letter from here is TOO expensive. i have already sended an e-mail, but they dindt listen

Anonymous said...

Hey I know what you are saying. It is too expensive from here too but I dent two howlers. And I am sending them 10 mails per day so they will know my opinion because I am writing it in the subject.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just want to say that this is an awesome idea and I'm glad that you came up with it! Just today I sent out my own Howler, telling them that I was disappointed with their decision and that all they are doing is hurting themselves and our community in the long run. Don't worry, I kept it as respectful as possible :)

As for the people who were saying they were having some issues with red envelopes, I actually went to my local book store and asked if they had any. They actually gave me a whole mess load of extras they had laying around in the back for free! So you may wanna give that a try.

Anyway, Thank You again for this wonderful idea! I know it's a long shot, but I hope it works.

Bill said...

I like the suggestion of Avoiding the Harry Potter opening Weekend. I Suggest that we do that same thing for all WB movie releases during the time we are forced to wait for Harry Potter.
I also plan to let Advertisers on the Warner Brothers TV affiliates know about my disappointment.

I am trying to hit them in the pocket book in time to get Harry Potter moved back to November.

brooks58 said...

I like the idea of avoiding the opening weekend of all WB movies during the delay. I plan NOT to go.
I want WB to get the message before November.
I am also contacting advertisers on WB TV affiliates to let them know how I feel and how that frustration might extend to their products.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea, and I will certainly be out buying red envelopes first thing tomorrow morning, and blow the postage costs.

I also agree that there should be some kind of physical protest (perhaps we could all get dressed up as we did for the book launches, on november 17th and go out in the town and make our voices heard?) but we also really need someone to coordinate our efforts.

Maybe someone (or a group of people, I don't know if these things can be done over the internet or anything) could get Potterwatch going to mobilise the campaign and keep tabs on things? At the moment news is kind of scrambled, and as far as I know there's no copyright on the Potterwatch name, so fans could use it...

Anonymous said...

Oh - sorry for the double post but I now have the address for UK Howlers!

Warner Bros Entertainment Ltd
Warner House
98 Theobald's House

Not sure if this lot have got any little red envelopes yet, so go nuts!

HarryGinnyPotter said...

Hello, I like the idea of the Howlers. We should also write that we will boycott all their upcoming movies and that we will support Twilight on NOV. 21. so they can see the terrible mistake they made by changing HP release day to July 2009

jjlit94 said...

masqueblanc just so you know there is someone trying to put together a worldwide protest. They are on facebook and the link is

Everyone who can should check it out. They plan on protesting outside of WB offices and movie theaters. We need to get organized as a group or none of this will work. If anyone is able to get something posted on any of the major potter sites that would be great. I have tried twice to get a couple of them to make a major post but so far no one has. so, good luck and get the word out to everyone you can and if you have some information please share it.

jarnold144 said...

Why not call for a boycott of every OTHER WB film UNTIL The Half Blood Prince is released?

John Minstral said...

If your going to Boycott, or write letters be sure to write to other companies involved in the films production. It might be easy for one company to ignore us, but it we can make our selves heard by many companies. The more companies that feel this, the better. Try writing to them as well.

Special Effects for the film were provided by all these companies:

Cinesite (Europe) Ltd.
Medius House
2 Sheraton St, London,
t: +44 20 7973 4000
f: +44 20 7973 4040

Double Negative Visual Effects
77 Shaftesbury Ave, London,
t: 44 (0)20 7534 4400
f: 44 (0)20 7534 4452

Gentle Giant Studios
7511 N. Fernando Rd.
Burbank, CA. 91505
t: + 1 818 504 3555
f: + 1 818 504 3554

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)
Care Of Lucasfilm Ltd.
P.O. Box 29901,
San Francisco, CA 94129

Moving Picture Company (MPC)
127 Wardour Street,
Soho, London
t: +44 20 7434 3100


1437 4th Street,
4th Floor
Santa Monica,
CA. 90401, USA
t: +1 310 526 5800
f: +1 310 526 5801

Rising Sun Pictures
Level 1, 180 Pulteney Street
Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
t: +61 (0) 8 8400 6400
f: +61 (0) 8 8400 6401

These are other companies used during production:

Adacc Ltd. (Hardware and Software)
Pinewood Studios,
Pinewood Road,
Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire,
England,SL0 0NH
t: +44 (0) 1753 6572 00

Audiolink Radio Communications
17 Iron Bridge Close, Neasden, London. NW10 0UF
t: +44 (0)20 8955 1100
f: +44 (0)20 8955 1111

BBVC (Video Services)
t: +44 (0)7050 649932
f: +44 (0)7050 649934

London Chamber Orchestra.
1 London Bridge,
London, SE1 9BG
t: +44 (0) 20 7105 6205
f: +44 (0) 20 7105 6202

Flying Pictures Limited
Stonefield Park, Chilbolton,
Hampshire, SO20 6BL, UK
t: +44 (0)12 6486 1100
f: +44 (0)12 6486 0033

GearBox Sound and Vision
Unit 2 Premier Park
Premier Park Road
NW10 7NZ
t: +44 (0) 20 8963 8633
f: +44 (0) 20 8963 8644

Kodak (They have too many offices for me to list the addresses. Select your nearest one from those listed on the web page.)

39a Goring Way
t: +44 (0) 20 8575 6639


The Metropolitan Centre
Bristol Road
Greenford, Middlesex
United Kingdom UB6 8GD
t: + 44 20 8839 7333
f: + 44 20 8839 7310

6219 de Soto Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
t: +1 818 316 1080
f: +1 818 316 1081

Maybe if these other companies complain to WB they might actually change teh release date back again. Good luck and Good writing.

Anonymous said...

this isn't fair at all. i honestly think that if you put out the trailers and the posters, and then pushing back the movie, wouldn't you have to spend MORE money on the posters and refixing the trailer?! that's not fair! you're all just being greedy and you aren't making this fair for us at all :(

hp-stars owns ;D

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand AOL Time Warner's logic behind this decision.

They seem to just assume that it's not worth it to have a major theatrical release in winter months because people tend not to go to movies in winter as much as they do during the summer, and fail to consider the reason behind people not going to movies during winter - which, of course, is the fact that there are no big movies released during winter.

I can understand Warner et al wanting to make the most out of their productions - that's what they do. But they're just using circular logic here, and in the process manage to alienate themselves from the potent fanbase of Harry Potter enthusiasts.

Dear Sirs and Madams at Warner. You do have the right to decide the release dates for your stuff. But please, when you have set a date and released trailers for a movie, it would be wise to consider very, very long whether or not to backtrack in a blatant attempt to get the most out of it.

Also consider this. Most Harry Potter fans that would watch the film will see it very close the release date, regardless of when it is. Such is the power of the admiration and dedication.

These people would go and see your movie even if you set the release date to 12.21.2012 when the world ends, but the more you push them, the more they will start pushing back by not getting the DVD's by legit means for example, and you will lose a whole bunch of profit in the process. And you don't need me to tell you that there are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there, seething at you right now.

But it's all right, I can understand your position; I'm just hoping that you'll get a professional team and soon to clean the Nargle infestation in your offices that clearly seems to be affecting the rational thoughts of your leading people.

Aimee said...

I am doing my part. I was inspired by your idea and have already sent over 100 letters to the head idiot, Alan F Horn. I have a stash printed out and ready to go so I am mailing between 5-10 letters a day. At the very least, hopefully I will annoy them to death.
I also made a TSHIRT at protesting the change in date. You can find it under username "kandykahne" or just do a search of "Harry Potter Owls."

Ana Sofia said...

Hi everyone!! I'm portuguese (so, i'm sorry about the english, i'm doing the best i can), so letters are not a good idea to me, it probably don't get to WB!! But i support everyone that's fighting for this cause! I'm sending emails to everyone i know including my family in USA!! Don't give up! we'll get the movie back in 2008!

Aimee said...

there is a perfect ruby red one there. For my part I have already sent over 120 and still going.

Batboy90 said...

Batboy 90, alias L III here,

I got banned from Leaky Cauldron for calling WB a bunch of hypocritical, vile and immature low down scammemrs. Keep up the work, fans! We could bring back FG, we can do this!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know how that feel. I got banned from leaky lounge for calling everyone to protest.

Peter Lee said...

this is such a good idea but i live in britain is the adress still the same to send stuff plz help all us britons! lol

Anonymous said...

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Rick said...

Hi, I also am not pleased and i have just learning this information today! picture this I'm all hey harry potter is coming soon nice so I look to see the date and URGH! My opinion is that they will make the big bucks no matter what! enough fans and i tell u they could release it in a 2 month Storm and all HP fans will still go see the movie 10 times, so yes i think i will write to them saying something along these lines, please release it in nov and either way u will get your $ plus your greedy and insane give us the movie which is complete! are you insane? etc lol well maybe just the first part., anyway peace out! I will do my part as small as it is maybe it will help!:)

Comment request said...

Hi. I'm a reporter for E! Online. I'm looking to talk to Harry Potter fans about the movie that *won't* be released this Friday. Are you just as upset over the schedule change as you were over the summer? Or has time healed the wounds? Please email me at: ryanreporter [at] Thanks in advance. -- Joal Ryan

Anonymous said...

I support this a thousand times over and will fully be sending Warner Brothers a howler.
As a die-hard Harry Potter fan I'm pretty furious about Warner Brothers' putting off HP for 8 months through sheer greed.